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2010 "Giant Pots," Mattie Leeds, Sierra Nevada College
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2011 Image, Ceramic Monthly, April
2010 Oregon Potters Assoc, Poster
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2009 Oregon Potters Assoc. postcard
National Tea Pot Show IV, Cedar Creek Gallery, N.C. 2008
Ceramic Showcase_, Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Ore. 2008
“Your Art Doesn’t Have to Match Your Sofa”_ Thurman Street Gallery, Portland, Sept. 2008
“Dias de Los Muertos”_ Guardino Gallery, Portland, 2008
“Little Things 8”_ Guardino Gallery, Portland, 2008
Oregon Potters Assoc. Studio Sales, Portland, 2008
Thurman Street Gallery Holiday Sale, Portland, 2008
“Matters of the Heart”_ Guardino Gallery, Portland, 2009
Ceramic Showcase, Oregon Convention Center, 2009
“Bird Matters”_ Guardino Gallery, June 2009
Bellevue Arts Museum Artsfair, July 22-24,Bellevue, Wash. 2009
Sun Valley Center Arts & Crafts Festival, Ketchum, ID, Aug 2009
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Stark Street Studio Sale, Oct. 10, 2009
Thurman Street Studios Holiday Sale
Women in Crafts, San Francisco, Dec. 6-9, 2009
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"Matters of the Heart," Guardino Gallery, Feb. 2010
Hop & Vine Auction for OCCA, Feb 17, 2010
Ceramic Showcase, Portland Convention Center, Apr 2010
Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Denver, Co, July 4-7 2010
Camas Gallery Holiday Show, Salem, Ore. Dec 2010
"Little Things 8," Guardino Gallery, Dec. 2010
Artisian Center Holiday Show, Denver, Colo Dec.2010
Justice Center Window, Portland, Dec. 2010
Thurman Street Studio Holiday Show, Portland, Dec. 2010
"Plate- It Up," Mary Lou Zeek Gallery, Salem, Ore, Feb 2011
Ceramic Showcase, Portland Convention Center, May, 2011
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Crow Pottery, Orcas Island, WA, July & Aug, 2011
Art in the High Desert, Bend, Ore. Aug. 2011
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Camas Gallery, Salem, Ore., Nov. 2011
OKO Gallery, Portland, Ore. Dec. 2011
Artisan Center, Denver, Co., Dec. 2011
Grammel House Pottery, Spruce View, Canada 2011
"Little Things 8"," Guardino Gallery, Portland, Dec. 2011
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"Construct: Icons & Archetypes," Camus Gallery, Salem,Ore. 2012
Crow Valley Potter, Orcas Island, Wash. 2012
Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Denver 2012
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River Arts District Studio Stroll, Asheville, Dec 2012
"Focus: Portland, Oregon," 18 Hands Gallery, Houston,Tx, 2021+
375 Depot Street Gallery, Asheville, NC, 2013
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River Arts Studio Stroll, Asheville, NC, Nov 2013
"Little Things," Gurardino Gallery, Portland, Or., Dec 2013
"Holiday Show," Crow Valley Pottery, Orcas Island, Wa, Dec 2013


Guardino Gallery
2939 NE Alberta
Portland, OR 97211

Crow Valley Pottery
2274 Orcas Road
Orcas Island, Washinton

18 Hands Gallery
19th Street
Houston, Texas

Mudfire Clayworks & Gallery
Decatur, Georgia

Mill Gallery
Guilford Art Center
411 Church Street
Guilford, CT

375 Depot Gallery
River Arts District
Asheville, NC

Mary Lou Zeek Gallery
335 State Street
Salem, Or.